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Educational options for your family in Bahrain

It is possible for expat children to attend the free, well-regarded local schools. However, this rarely happens in practice because lessons are taught in Arabic and follow an Islamic curriculum. 

Most expats will instead opt to send their children to an international school, which follows the curriculum – and term times – of their home country with lessons taught in English. The international schools in Bahrain are held in even higher regard than the local ones, but demand for a place far outweighs the supply, and competition can be fierce. It’s advisable to look at applying as soon as possible. 

Some of these schools require the child to pass an entrance exam, but almost all of them will ask to see a copy of the child’s passport and previous school reports in addition to a completed application form. 

These schools charge fees averaging around £4,500 per year for younger children, and £10,000 a year for children at GCSE level. Many employers will include school fees (or a contribution towards them) in their package. 

Alternative options

Some parents choose to send their children to a boarding school in their home country, at their own expense. Whether or not you do this is entirely up to you, but you would have to be prepared to only see your children during school holidays. 


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