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“Getting the right people on your bus” – why good people are great for your business

If you want to make your practice or home into a great business, with brilliant results and satisfied patients or occupants read on.

According to Jim Collins, the author of “good to great” the key factor to make good businesses into great businesses is the quality of the people you employ into your job roles.

Jim Collins asked Walter Bruckart, Vice President of Circuit City (one of the eleven companies that made the transition from good to great)  to name the top five factors that led to the transition from mediocrity to excellence within his company, he said: “One would be people. Two would be people. Three would be people. Four would be people. And five would be people. A huge part of our transition can be attributed to our discipline in picking the right people.”

And don’t think that operating a GP surgery, Vet practice, Optical practice or Care Home is any different than a Circuits IT business.  The healthcare sectors we work in operate as businesses as much as any other and one of the key factors when running a business is ensuring you get the right people to fill your job roles or “get the right people on your bus”

If you have vacant job roles for a GP, Nurse, Optometrist, Care Home manager or Vet Surgeon in you practice or home that you are struggling to fill take a step back before you fill the job with the first person that comes along.  Make sure you vet the candidate well and make sure you attract high performers to your business.  Prospect Health can help you do this by attracting high calibre professionals to job roles you want to fill and we will make sure the people we send to you are the right people for your bus, that will engage with your practice or home and contribute to its growth.

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