How can you prepare for a competency-based interview?

If you’re preparing for a competency-based interview, this guide will give you access to all the skills you need to prepare including how you can demonstrate the key competencies required and how to build upon them within an interview scenario.

Our FREE guide gives you an undiluted overview of the 2 methods to prepare for competency-based interviews, the STAR and SOARA methods, and how best to interpret them.

We also give you some idea of how to plan your preparation for a particular interview and how to respond to competency-based questions, ensuring your answer includes all the necessary information for the interviewer so you can ensure you’re providing the correct impression to the team and practice

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It almost goes without saying that in all interview scenarios, your prospective employer will want you to demonstrate that you can perform the job you’re interviewing for effectively. You firstly have to understand the question and then demonstrate you have the right balance of the three C’s “Capability, Competence and Compatibility”.

This involves demonstrating your knowledge, skills and attitude to your work as well as things like motivation, self-confidence and ethics.

You can reliably predict the questions you will be asked based on the job description and many of these questions will be
competency based. These type of questions are mainly behavioural that will test your ability to perform the job you have
applied for by providing examples of previous experiences. These questions require a structured approach that will take you time to prepare.

This preparation starts with you identifying what competencies you will be measured against in the interview. For more information and tips fill out the form above to download your FREE guide now!