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If you’re looking for Hospital Doctor Jobs in the UK the NHS is constantly on the look out for suitably qualified consultant level doctors to work in the UK. The NHS is one of the largest healthcare systems in the world and employs over 1.5 million people. They are constantly looking for the right qualified professionals to provide the best healthcare and treatment for their patients.
1. Rewarding Work
All doctors who provide care within the NHS framework confirm that their roles enable them to provide a positive difference to their patient’s lives whilst giving them the ability to develop ongoing relationships with their patients.

2. Training

The NHS system provides it’s employees with numerous ways to advance their skills and develop their careers. Along with the Royal Medical Colleges the NHS provides some of the best medical training programmes in the world.

3. Income & benefits
Most Doctors salaries depend on the level of experience and setting you are working within but they are incredibly competitive compared to other countries around the world.
The NHS pension is one of the most comprehensive across the UK and the NHS pays the equivalent of 14.3% of your salary towards the cost of your pension.
Holiday allowance is also generous with a minimum of 27 days holiday which increase with time in service.
4. UK Lifestyle
Moving to the UK can offer you a life full of social diversity, history and culture. Britain has a vast and ethnically diverse population with over 1.5 million people from Asian or Indian origin with 26% of the NHS workforce being International Doctors and 11% from European countries.
The school system is also world renowned with most education free at point of delivery.

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