The Diary of a typical recruitment consultant

Here at Prospect Health

We follow a typical day of one of our top consultants.

Anthony Brizzolara guides us through the ins and outs of a normal day as a leading Recruitment Consultant.​

08:25: Make a brew

Open emails and look out for any emergencies – e.g. interview cancellations

08:45: Check for new leads

New jobs, new candidate applications – call and email ASAP. Add diary reminders to follow up

09:00: Return to emails

Action less urgent messages – e.g. interview invites, one off queries, internal messages, etc

09:30: Review work progress

Any candidates not confirmed if they want to be submitted to vacancies, any clients not committed to the terms of business sent, any candidates that need to be marketed out

10:00: Admin

Working closest to the money – organise by stages in the process:

1. Offer / Accept / Invoice
2. Final interview
3. First interview
4. CV submit – now push the process – who are we waiting for in terms of feedback

11:00: Respond to new leads

Register, pitch, send terms, create new vacancies etc, or set up diary reminders to complete calls whenever best suits the candidate or client

12:00: Internal meeting

Or start working focus vacancy of the day no.1

​12:30: Lunch / Gym

Exactly what it says on the tin 🙂

13:30: Admin

Further push with candidates or clients at different stages in the recruitment process and rework key focus of the day no.1

14:30: Headhunt calls

Also key focus vacancy of the day no.2

15:30: Project work

For example: getting newly qualified candidates on board

16:30: Pitching key focus

Vacancy 2 / 3, then complete diarised calls for new applicants / interview prep for candidates

18:30 Home time!