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Educational options for your family in Kuwait

Public schools in Kuwait are generally of a high standard, and teach single-gender classes throughout. However, they tend not to be an option for expats as they are taught in Arabic. 

Most expats will instead opt to send their children to an international school, which follows the curriculum – and term times – of their home country with lessons taught in English. Many of these schools are co-educational, and are highly regarded. It’s important to remember that places at these schools are highly sought-after, and waiting lists are common. Many require the pupil to pass an entry test (usually at least in English and Maths), and some also wish to interview the child, so it is best to start applying for a place as soon as possible. 

These schools charge fees of around £3,000 per year for younger children, and £8,000 a year for children in secondary school. Please note that these fees do not include uniforms, text books or anything deemed extra-curricular. Many of these schools offer buses to the cities and housing regions; the bus fares would also have to be met. 

Alternative options

Some parents choose to send their children to a boarding school in your current location, at their own expense. This is entirely up to you, but you would have to be prepared to not see your children at all during term times. 
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