Do you need Tier 2 Visa guidance? Prospect Health are experts at assisting GPs that need a Tier 2 Visa, whether that is a Visa on qualifying or transferring an existing Visa to enable transition to a better working environment or geographical relocation. We hold your hand and work closely with practices to make this process smooth with little stress.

We see many GPs on Tier 2 Visa put off looking for a better or more suitable opportunity as the perception of transferring their Tier 2 Visa being complicated and stressful.

This is not the case. There are over 1,000 Practices across the UK already registered to support Tier 2 Visas which makes the process seamless, giving a wide choice of working environments and locations.

Many GPs who need a Tier 2 Visa struggle to find roles in practices that are licenced for visa sponsorship. If you are one of these GPs then make sure to keep reading as we’re here to help you navigate through your Tier 2 Visa journey.

So what can we do for you?

Our consultants have helped many newly qualified GPs find practices who have a Tier 2 Visa sponsorship licence. They also work with practices to help them become sponsors, so rest assured they can help you find your perfect role on qualification.

There are a few things you need to know before you apply for your Tier 2 Visa which we highlight throughout this blog.

Whether you are currently undergoing your CCT or maybe you have just completed your CCT, and your Tier 2 Visa is due to expire, the information below will provide Tier 2 Visa guidance and advice on how to extend or acquire a Tier 2 Visa helping you transition into your role as a qualified GP in the UK. Whatever position in your career you are in, we can help.

What are the requirements for a Tier 2 Visa?

Without achieving these requirements, you won’t be able to acquire a Tier 2 Visa. We run through some of these requirements in a bit more detail ensuring you can prepare and know what to expect.

In order to qualify for a Tier 2 Visa, you must have the following:

      • A valid certificate of sponsorship (COS) from a licenced employer
      • A confirmed offer at a practice with a Tier 2 Visa sponsoring licence
      • Meet the English requirement
      • Meet the maintenance requirement

Certificate of Sponsorship (COS)

What is a certificate of sponsorship? Simply, a COS is an electronic record with a unique number that a practice gives to their employee allowing them to apply for a Visa.

With that in mind, do you have a job offer from a practice which already holds a Tier 2 Visa sponsorship licence? If so the employer will be able to apply for your COS immediately! On the other hand, if the practice doesn’t have a Tier 2 Visa sponsorship licence they must apply to become a sponsoring practice before you can receive your COS, it may take up to 12 weeks for the practice to acquire the licence.

‘What if I can’t find a practice that offers sponsorship?’  Our consultants are constantly collaborating with practices who want to become sponsors/are already sponsors and we can help you find a GP position in their workplace.

‘What happens after I have my COS?’  Once you have received your COS you can now apply for your Tier 2 Visa, note this has to be 3 months prior to the start date at your practice and no more.

Have you received a certificate of sponsorship before 1st December 2020?

Already received your certificate of sponsorship? If your certificate of sponsorship was issued before 1st December 2020 it will need to be updated! This is due to the Tier 2 (General) work visa being replaced by the Skilled Worker visa. You can ask your employer to update their ‘sponsor notes’ section in the UK visa sponsorship management system.

English language requirement for Tier 2 Visa

To meet the English language requirement, you the applicant must be able to satisfy the Home Office of your knowledge and capability of the English language. To evidence this, the applicant will need to either pass an approved English language assessment verified by the GMC (IELTS test). Alternatively, if you have a degree level qualification that was taught in English and is equivalent to at least a UK Bachelor’s degree this will be accepted. To check whether your qualification is equivalent you will need to apply through Ecctis to confirm.

Additionally, if you are from any of these countries you are exempt to prove your knowledge of English:

      • Antigua and Barbuda
      • Australia
      • the Bahamas
      • Barbados
      • Belize
      • Canada
      • Dominica
      • Grenada

      Maintenance requirement for Tier 2 Visa

      In order to meet the maintenance requirement, you must show you have personal savings equivalent to £928 (this can vary depending on circumstances and time you will stay). If you wish to bring dependents you will require a further £285 for a partner, £315 for your first dependent child and an additional £200 for each additional child you wish to bring. You will need to have these savings 90 days before the date of your application. Alternatively, your sponsor will state to the COS that they will maintain and accommodate you during your 1st month working in the UK when you will be paid (this also includes your dependents).

      Furthermore, you and your family will pay a lower application fee if your job is on the shortage occupation list, this include medical practitioners. You can find more information on expenses to apply for a Visa here.

      Tier 2 Dependent Visa

      When applying or extending your Tier 2 Visa your partner and children can apply to join you or stay as ‘dependants’ if they’re eligible. If your dependents application is successful, their visa will end on the same day as yours.

      You will need to provide evidence of your relationships when you apply.

      For your partner to be eligible:

          • You’re in a civil partnership or marriage that’s recognised in the UK
          • They must be your civil partner, wife, husband or you have been living together in a relationship for at least 2 years when you apply.

      To qualify to be a dependent child, one of the following must apply:

          • One or both parents must be under the Tier 2 Visa, while the child is applying to be a dependent and join them from abroad.
          • One parent is in the UK, while the other is applying together with the child to join as a dependent from abroad.

      These conditions don’t apply for the following:

          • Where only one parent is alive.
          • Where one parent is completely responsible for their child.

      Tier 2 Visa Extension

      Are you coming up to the end of your Tier 2 Visa? If so, you can be applying to extend your visa as long as you meet these conditions, please note that your dependents will need to apply separately:

          • You have the same job at your practice where you were previously accepted for a Tier 2 Visa.
          • Your job is in the same occupation code as when previously accepted for a Tier 2 Visa.
          • You’re still working for the same company that provided your certificate of sponsorship.

      ‘What if I no longer have the same job?’  If you no longer have a job with your practice but are wanting to stay in the UK we can help you find a position. As you have already gone through the Tier 2 visa journey once, your application process shouldn’t be as daunting. Nevertheless, feel free to call us on 01423813454 and we can help you find a role suited for your needs and location!

      UK companies willing to sponsor Tier 2 Visa

      If you are looking for a job role in a practice that sponsors Tier 2 Visa’s check out our current vacancies. At Prospect Health we also work alongside practices to help them become Tier 2 Visa sponsors, if you or your practice needs assistance in the matter, please call us on 01423813454 or email us at [email protected]