What Qualifications do I need to apply for a Doctors job in the Bahrain?


To practice as a consultant in Bahrain you have to prove that you have the following certifications as a doctor:

1. Generally speaking, the ideal candidate would possess CCT (Certificate of Completion of Training), or equivalent certification, in their specialist area. The equivalents accepted from other countries include:

• American / Canadian Board Registration
• Facharzt (German)
• French Board DES
• Australian or New Zealand Fellowships
• In certain cases, equivalent qualifications from the Indian subcontinent are also accepted

In addition, the candidate will also have a minimum of 3 years’ substantive post experience.

2. A grasp of the Arabic language is always helpful but all hospitals will expect excellence in spoken English or an IELTS score. 

3. Female doctors are preferred for some specialisms, especially Obstetrics and Gynaecology roles, Dermatology and IVF and Fertility Medicine

How do I find out more about making the move?

If you’re interested in moving to Bahrain to work as a Hospital Doctor and you have the necessary qualifications as above, then our team would love to assist you with your application.


Please email us at [email protected] or call one of our team on (+44) 01423 813451