My partner and I have been living and working in Bristol and having been in practice now for a while I’ve started to look at doing a Cardiology Certificate,” says Alex.
Chris Hastings from the Vet team got in touch with Alex after learning that she was due to be relocating back to the Nottingham area following her partner’s acceptance of a new role.
“To be honest I hadn’t yet started looking for a new role so when Prospect phoned it was all down to great timing. My partner had a new role offered back in Nottingham so I was looking for a role that would offer me the opportunity to persue my Cardiology interest.
I had thought about looking for a residency role but given my personal circumstances it just wasn’t a viable option so when Prospect phoned and Chris said he’d be happy to help me find a role it all felt very straightforward and easy. I hadn’t even got round to updating my CV but with Chris’ help I soon found myself on the phone with a new practice and it felt like all the boxes I needed were being ticked.”
Helping veterinary surgeons find roles that suit their personal needs as well as their professional ambitions is all part of the service offered here at Prospect Health.