I was approached by Prospect Health at a time when I was considering relocating. After 22 years of continuous service with my current employer I was a little hesitant at first. Prospect Health gathered all my employment experience, salary details and qualifications and matched them with suitable opportunities in a location that I was looking at.

They arranged all the meetings, gave top tips on interview techniques and dealt with all the negotiations and queries. Regular phone calls meant I was always updated and in the loop. I always dealt with just one recruitment consultant who had all my notes and details, which helped with continuity and developing a good rapport.

I never felt pressurised and always had time to reflect on my thoughts and talk to others. Prospect Health were always professional, courteous and helpful and provide an excellent way of matching bespoke positions for pharmacists with varying skills and experiences. I would highly recommend them as a means of gaining a new employment position as a pharmacist.