When I was first approached by Prospect Health it was a great surprise and I felt slightly unsure what to expect, but by the time I had finished my second conversation with Faye Harvey I began to feel really excited and very keen to proceed further.
During the following weeks I received tremendous support from Faye; she was always there to contact me at the appropriate times when decisions needed to be made and checking that I did not have any worries.

Leaving a job that I had been in for seventeen years I would have expected to be hard, but because she had found absolutely the right position for me, left be with no doubt.

I never felt alone as I had total trust in her and this made the whole transition extremely smooth. So much so that I actually said to Faye,’ I really would like your job’. How lovely it must be to change someone’s career pathway with such ease and make them feel so comfortable and confident about themselves.

I am now two weeks into my new job and I love it and it is all thanks to Faye.