Faye Harvey, from Prospect Health, rang me completely out of the blue, and after many telephone conversations has changed my current employment status.

I am due to start a new job that I didn’t even know existed until that call, and it is all thanks to Faye.

She was transparent from the outset and was able to match my skills to suit a new position in a different practice by methodically unpicking my current role and the knowledge and skills I use in my every day practice, to show me that I can work in the areas I enjoy most if I wanted to take a leap of faith, and move!

So, I am now looking forward to starting a new job which seems taylor-made to suit me.

Sometimes we need a nudge to stop and look at what else we can do. Faye gave me that nudge, and I’m really glad she did!

The whole process was smooth and Faye supported me and guided me in all aspects of the application from beginning to end being extremely professional throughout.

If I ever move jobs again, I would definitely contact Prospect Health and ask for Faye!