I first came into contact with Chris Towse of Prospect health in January of 2018. After seeing my CV he immoderately contacted me. We chatted for a bit (had no idea I was being interviewed) to get a feel of what I was interested in and he put me straight away onto my veterinary company of choice. I was on a Skype interview with my potential employer within less than a week and was made an official offer by February.
From then until now (Sept 2018) I have had follow up calls and emails almost every 2 weeks from Chris ensuring all is going well with the process of hiring a Caribbean Veterinarian in London (which is a mighty long process!)
I would probably have lost faith with the delays and roadblocks if it weren’t for Chris and his very upbeat and positive outlook.
I shall be arriving in October to begin my new job and if it is any at all possible I’d love to shake the hand of (and present with some Caribbean rum) the man who has made this whole transition possible. I am most grateful to him and Prospect health for all they have done to facilitate this journey so far