How will the Future of Primary Care be affected by the Covid pandemic?

After the Storm is a study centred around the significant and rapid changes experienced in Primary Care due to Covid-19 and looking at what the future of Primary Care will look like when the pandemic has abated.

There are two distinct parts to this study:

Giving Primary Care professionals a voice

We are conducting a sector wide survey to give Primary Care professionals a chance to have a voice on how the rapid changes have affected them and their views on the future of Primary Care. 

The survey is now closed and we will be circulating the results shortly

Video interviews

We have recorded video interviews with Primary Care professionals who share their opinions around the 9 key topic areas we have focused on. 

Click the rainbow coloured links to view individual videos around each key topic area.

Surveys completed to date

Latest videos on the future of Primary Care

View our most recent videos from Primary Care professionals sharing their opinions around the 9 key topic areas on the future of Primary Care. 

Comments on the future of Primary Care

Video Library - The 9 Key subject areas affecting the future of Primary Care

We have focused on 9 key subject areas which we believe have had the profoundest effect on how Primary Care has operated whilst under pressure to adapt to the pandemic. The below videos are gauging opinions from Primary Care Professionals at all levels, everyone has a chance to have their say. 

The patients relationship with Primary Care
Sessional GPs and Locums
Primary Care as a profession
Outlook for the future and the NHS long term plan
Tech for video and telephone consultations can be damaging to the patient/GP relationship and it could make it more impersonal in the future
The technological enablement of patients being able to engage and interact with Primary Care practitioners with quicker and higher level of access than before will lead to unmanageable expectations from patients post covid
The changes during the Covid Pandemic have decreased my workload
The changes have increased the time I have for professional development