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Prospect Health are working in conjunction with Joanne Harris, a senior Clinical Pharmacist, who is a prescribing community pharmacist, with over 20 years experience not only as a Pharmacist but also as a designated supervisor and CPPE mentor.

We are creating a series of webinars to help and support you through your training year. The programme below will be added to as we progress through the year. Our aim is to provide helpful videos full of advice to ensure you navigate your training successfully and confidently.

Webinar 1 – Starting your trainee pharmacist placement – what you need to know

  • Expectations of your training year
  • Where to find resources that you will need
  • Aims of the training year including evidence  gathering and continuous development
  • Learning outcomes
  • All you need to know about appraisals

Webinar 2 – Top Tips for your e-portfolio and registration assessment

  • Top tips for completing your e-portfolio including the observational and reflective learning you need to include
  • Reviewing the learning matrix, identifying your gaps and making an action plan to complete
  • Using the learning needs analysis tool
  • Top tips for your registration exam 

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Pharmacy Resources and Webinar registration

If you want to chat to us about finding a new Pharmacist role once you complete your training you can call our specialist team on 01423 813457 or you can email us at [email protected]