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5 things to think about before accepting a job offer as a GP, Vet, Care Home manager or Optometrist

Been offered a new Job as an Optometrist, GP, Vet, Nurse or Care Home manager?

It’s incredibly flattering when someone offers you a new job and it’s a basic instinct to immediately accept it but there are 5 things you should think about before accepting the offer to make sure it’s completely right for you.

Look into the package
Make sure you fully understand the package you have been offered.  What holidays are you entitled too, what is the salary offered, are there any additional benefits including medical insurance, childcare vouchers, pension that you need to clarify?

Have you thoroughly researched the practice/home you will be working in?
It’s crucial you know about the environment you will be working in, have you thoroughly done your homework about what it’s like to work there.  It may even be a good idea to talk to some working at the practice or home currently that can shed some light on the environment.

Make sure you understand the working hours
Make sure you get the working hours down in writing before you start.  Make sure you completely understand what is expected from you in terms of no of sessions (for a GP) out of hours work, on call and weekend working

Make sure your ask if your moving costs are covered if you’re looking to relocate for the job. It could save you thousands of pounds and to get the right person most companies may offer this.

Get it in writing!!
For everything that you do make sure you get it all in writing and you fully understand what is required from you and what to expect before you start on your first day!

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