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Dr Radford Smith, GP moving into Elizabeth, South Australia

I would like to personally thank Thomas for everything thus far providing an excellent service in making my move to Australia as smooth as possible.
Specifically, I have been impressed by your cheerful, polite and respectful manner towards me and always being helpful, approachable and willing to find out the answers to my queries.
I would definitely recommend you to prospective doctors thinking about relocating overseas.

Saif Ali – UK GP relocated to Wyoming, New South Wales, Australia

A massive thank you to you Thomas for all your hard work, patience, and support throughout this process. I know there were a few wobbles along the way from me however you were always available to reassure and then chase up on my behalf.
Your support with contract negotiations at the start of the process gave me a lot of confidence to ask for what I needed to make this move to the other side of the world work.
It was a big step but I can’t recommend and thank you enough and I have already recommended you to a few friends as it is!

Sumera Bilal (Mary Khan)

Thomas is one of the best and really through, hard working guy at Prospect Health. He is extremely dedicated to his work. He provided us a focused “one to one” placement service. He ensured the options best matched to our needs and cultural fit. Not only this he also ensured that the employers and candidates are the optimum match.

Thomas is always very enthusiastic to help and would always pay great attention to details. He is very flexible and will even out of the way to address your concerns and arrange meeting to navigate you to the new unknown journey if you are a busy family like us. I will say he is good listener and a visionary too.

Beside all, he was very friendly and pleasant. He is a take-charge person who kept us motivated too, and always came up with some creative solutions to any complexities we had in the process. Finally, He is totally worth recommending. I would recommend him 100% due to his patience and being calm even in a stressful situation. Good Luck and all the best!

Dr Kumaran Prabu

Excellent communication, very knowledgeable, professional and patient. Thanks for all the hard work through this process Thomas

Dr Helen Saunders | cardiac anaesthetist

Hi Brodie!
I am enjoying the job, it is great, I’ve learnt a lot and have settled in. Obviously some things are very different to the Uk, it is a lot more hierarchical here and the beurocracy is v slow!! They have treated me very well and I think as a UK doctor you get a certain amount of kudos. The new cardiac hospital which I was actually appointed to work in (and is the reason for the expansion) has not yet opened but hopefully will in the next few months…that will be an amazing purpose built centre.
When I’m not on call (3 out of 4 days) I finish work at 2 and have the chance to go swimming or something like that…it is a much better work life balance than in the uk!!
You may remember my husband is a paramedic…it has taken him a long time to get work sorted but we are expecting him to start next month so that will be great too.
Temperature is cooling down now, it is in the mid 20’s and really nice, I have not got bored of it being sunny every day!!!
Thanks again, I would not have considered Bahrain as I didn’t know much about it but you got me a great place to live and a fantastic adventure!!
Best wishes

Dr Helen Saunders FRCA | Cardiothorasic Surgeon

Thanks so much for arranging my new life and dream job. From the very first time I spoke to a representative from Prospect Health I found everyone efficient and totally professional. I felt like it was your company’s priority to find me a job that suited me. Initially at the first stages of looking I was informed about many different positions and I was given a choice and enough information from you to be able to look at all of the options and decide which was best for me. The interviews I had for jobs were made much easier by yourselves as you gave me the information I needed beforehand so I knew what to expect and was well prepared.
You guided me through the salary negotiation process ( a very foreign and unusual step for me) with knowledge and realism so that I was very happy with the final package offered.
The administrative side of things is very complex and lengthy with a job in the Middle East. You again guided my expectations and gave me great reassurance during this process.
Ben in particular (who has been my personal agent) has been absolutely brilliant, being very proactive with the hospital I applied to, chasing up the administrative tasks and keeping me up to date with regular phone calls. I always felt I could speak to Ben at any time with any query however small and this has been very reassuring and effective.

All in all I am now in an amazing job in an exciting new country, I have been helped through a very long and complex process by Prospect very smoothly and I would highly recommend them as an agency. Their knowledge and experience of the Middle East is extensive and really supports applicants in this process.

I would also be happy for you to put me in touch with anyone else applying for similar jobs in case they would like to ask anything, I would have found this useful (ie some support from a medical person who has been through the process)
best wishes and thanks again