We found Rachael her first GP job after qualifying to become a GP in September 2020. She talks to Dave Thorburn, one of our principal GP recruitment consultants about her journey finding a role with Prospect Health

When did you qualify to become a GP?
September 2020

What support did you get looking for a job once you qualified from your trainer, training practice or deanery?

Minimal support really. We were given one session on writing CVs and career choices as part of our weekly VTS teaching. Otherwise, it was down to me to just start searching and applying for roles.

How did you come across Prospect Health when looking for a new role after qualification?

I first came across Prospect Health when researching on the internet about healthcare recruitment specialists. Then when I started looking for jobs a few months prior to qualification several of the roles I was interested were being advertised by Prospect Health.

Describe how your contact at Prospect health guided you through the job application and interview process

I was give a wealth of information about the practice and role I was particularly interested in so I could be sure the job seemed right for me at the outset. Dave was easily contactable and on hand to answer any queries. If he needed to check something with the practice manager he did so and got back to me really quickly. The guidance I received throughout the process made it much less stressful than I thought it would be!

What was the best thing about the support and service you received from Prospect Health?

Having the opportunity to ask questions about the process as being newly qualified it was all very new to me. Also, the number and types of jobs available to GPs had changed a lot during the Coronavirus pandemic. The team at Prospect Health were knowledgeable and able to offer up to date advice.

What extra support or guidance could we have given you to ensure a thorough and effective recruitment journey?

I was so impressed with the support and service given. I can’t think of anything further that I needed at this time.

Did your new job fulfil all the criteria you had for a new GP job?

Absolutely! I am really happy in my role.

Would you recommend Prospect Health to other GP Registrars looking for a role after qualification?

Definitely. Particularly those GPs who are only recently qualified and perhaps haven’t applied for jobs before. The support was invaluable.

If you would like to talk to Dave or one of our GP team to help you find a GP job after qualification please call us on 01423 813 454 or email us at [email protected].