April 27, 2021 | Student

Hi! My name is Farzana Ali and I’m a 2nd year student Optometrist at Aston University and I have some great top tips to help you manage your student life and transition between your 1st and 2nd years at university

Transitioning into second year was daunting at first considering the tumultuous year we’ve collectively had to endure.  Here are some top tips I’ve gathered for students moving into their 2nd year this September that will help you manage your Optical Student life!

1. Keeping a list really helps manage your Optical student life!

One of the most important things that kept me organised this year was investing in a diary/to-do list book.

2. Test yourself.

Lectures can sometimes be tiresome so writing down potential exam questions as you are going through them and quizzing yourself at the end of each lecture will help keep your brain actively engaged and provides you with instant feedback in regards to which areas of study you may be weaker in.

3. Refer back to your first year notes throughout the year.

Having a strong foundation of knowledge from your first year’s content will help solidify your understandings of new concepts in your 2nd year. Ocular pathology, application of clinical techniques are examples of important areas that are continued into 2nd year and beyond.

4. Make notes before a practical.

Even if it’s a quick 5 minutes spent on writing down how to perform a clinical technique in your own words, understanding exactly what you’re doing before going into practical saves time and confusion!

5. Ask questions.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to peers and module leaders when you are struggling. Accumulated knowledge can be extremely helpful in understanding difficult areas of the degree.

Find your balance: studying for hours everyday can be great but finding a work-life balance is extremely important in order to avoid burn out. Dedicate at least an hour everyday to engage in new hobbies, socialising and just relaxing. Down time is key to maintaining academic stamina.

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April 27, 2021 | Student