December 1, 2020 | Medical Devices

5 Quick Tips for LinkedIn

One of the best ways to get potential employers & recruiters to notice you is to have a pretty good Linked In profile.

If you’re new to Linked In or just something don’t have the time to complete your profile, our linked in tips allow you update your profile in 10 mins and to get a pretty decent profile

If you’re looking for a medical device job, Linked In is a crucial tool to help potential recruiters and employers find you and the skills you have to offer.  Other medical professions may not be as prominent on this social stage but it would not do you any harm to spend 10 mins following the below 5 steps to ensure your profile is as good as it can be.

1. Add a decent picture

“A picture says a thousand words”, if you’re wanting to attract someone to look at your profile a decent picture is a must, Don’t crop a wedding photo or have one on there with the kids, professional photos are best.

2. Add a quick summary

Write a quick summary that details the most important things about you, focusing on the stand out moments from your career so far.  Try not to include too many jargon words that people out of your industry you may want to connect with would not understand.

3. Update your headline

Make sure your professional headline indicates your key skills and the most recent job you have done, this will ensure people see the most relevant piece of information about you first.




4. Ask people you have worked with for recommendations

The best way for your profile to stand out is to get social proof from your current or previous work associates.  Nothing screams authenticity louder than a good recommendation from a colleague.

5. Join some relevant groups

Joining groups’ means you can network and message people who have the same interests without you actually having to be connected to them.   This will help you develop invaluable connections in your field of interest.

If you complete all these steps they should take you no longer than 10 minutes.

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December 1, 2020 | Medical Devices