December 1, 2020 | General Practice | Nursing

Transforming a GP Practice as a Advanced Nurse Practitioner

As anyone who’s ever had to recruit for nurse practitioner jobs knows, it can be incredibly challenging to find the right one, who will be a great fit for your practice. We know that employing ab advanced nurse practitioner can help in transforming your practice so our case study with Lisa and Jo from Craven Road practice shows what a transformative effect they can have.

Advanced Nurse Practitioner care study – Transforming Craven Road Practice

This was the situation facing Lisa Boardman, the Business Manager at Craven Road Practice, when her previous nurse practitioner decided to take up an academic career.

After trying to advertise the vacancy without success, Lisa turned to Prospect Health – a decision that she felt worked wonders. “It was great the Prospect Health did the legwork and pre-screened candidates”, she says. “Putting the time in to get our specification and requirements right in the first place really paid off and the candidates fit our practice requirements.”

One of the candidates was Jo Rothery, whose previous nurse practitioner jobs made her a fantastic fit for the role. She says, “even though I was not actively looking for another job I welcomed the opportunity to look at a new role which would expand and enhance my nurse practitioner skills. Prospect Health spent a long time speaking with me about my aspirations and what I wanted from a new job.”

When both parties met for an informal interview, it ended up lasting more than two hours. “Lisa was very friendly and enthusiastic about the practice” recalls Jo. Following this fantastic start a formal interview followed, after which Jo was offered the position.

The outcome has been brilliant for both Lisa and Jo, as the arrangement suits them perfectly. “Jo now does the nurse practitioner jobs, such as the urgent / same day / open surgeries, allowing the GPs to focus on booked and complex consultations”.  Jo is also impressed; “I was thrilled as the position felt right. My new role is challenging but I work in modern, fit for purpose premises and I now feel I get paid appropriately for the work I do. I manage a team of five practice nurses and the daily walk in service every week day at Craven Road.”

Having Jo to take on the nurse practitioner jobs has also been a massive help for Lisa, who believes that without Jo, she would probably have to have looked for another salaried GP. She also says “I would probably have ended up trying to manage the nursing team myself on top of everything else.”

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December 1, 2020 | General Practice | Nursing