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We have pulled together our best articles and videos to help you through your journey to become an Optometrist and on towards finding yourself your first Optometrist job after qualification.

How can we help you secure your first job as an Optometrist

Prospect Health have been helping Pre-reg Optometrists find jobs after qualification for over 15 years and we have the expertise to help you navigate the jobs market with ease. 

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Danielle Penney shares her Optometrist job search journey

Watch Danielle as she chats about how Anthony helped her find a new Optometrist job. Danielle was relocating so Anthony answered all her questions about prospective positions and even helped her prep her answers to interview questions he knew she would be asked!


If you want to chat to the team about possible job opportunities, please give us a call on 01423 813 452 or email the team on [email protected]

Useful resources for Pre-reg Optometrists

We have compiled useful blogs to help you with everything from OSCE advice to managing your revision what to expect from your Pre-reg

Our Competency Interview Guide gives you 2 easy methodologies to help you prepare for an interview comprising competency based questions

This guide to effective CV content enables you to make the best possible first impression and bag the best GP Job for you.

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