Our Veterinary Candidate Testimonials

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Alex Swales | Veterinary Surgeon

My partner and I have been living and working in Bristol and having been in practice now for a while I’ve started to look at doing a Cardiology Certificate,” says Alex.
Chris Hastings from the Vet team got in touch with Alex after learning that she was due to be relocating back to the Nottingham area following her partner’s acceptance of a new role.
“To be honest I hadn’t yet started looking for a new role so when Prospect phoned it was all down to great timing. My partner had a new role offered back in Nottingham so I was looking for a role that would offer me the opportunity to persue my Cardiology interest.
I had thought about looking for a residency role but given my personal circumstances it just wasn’t a viable option so when Prospect phoned and Chris said he’d be happy to help me find a role it all felt very straightforward and easy. I hadn’t even got round to updating my CV but with Chris’ help I soon found myself on the phone with a new practice and it felt like all the boxes I needed were being ticked.”
Helping veterinary surgeons find roles that suit their personal needs as well as their professional ambitions is all part of the service offered here at Prospect Health.

Jennifer Alexander | Veterinary Surgeon

I was really nervous at the prospect of relocating and wanted to make sure the job I moved to was the right fit for me. I was leaving a job that I loved and had very exact standards about what I expected from my new practice. Chris was excellent: he took the time to get to know me and understand what I was looking for. I wasn’t interested in having lots of positions that wouldn’t be suited to me pushed upon me and he only discussed positions that he felt I would be truly interested in. He put me in touch with my current employer and I have never looked back! Thanks Chris

Jenny Perry | Veterinary Surgeon

Chris made finding a job whilst I relocated, a stress-free experience. Prior to my move, he ensured that he fully understood the role that I was looking for and the qualities that were important to me in a job. After finding the perfect role, Chris continued to provide support prior to the interview and after I was offered the job, he worked hard to ensure that I received a package that I was happy with. Chris was friendly, helpful and professional, throughout the entire process. I would not hesitate to use Prospect Health again in the future or to highly recommend them to others.

Ben Garland | Veterinary Surgeon

Finding a new job that suited my needs and career plans couldn’t have been easier. Rebecca was able to decipher which positions would best suit my requirements, put me in touch directly with the practice and help me along every step of the way. She remained in constant contact and liaised between myself and the practice to assist in progressing towards starting my new position. Help was readily available to aid in the move; from talking to prospective employers, leaving my current position, and any queries within my new role. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a new job in their Veterinary career to speak with Rebecca.’

Kirsty Holt | Veterinary Surgeon

I discovered a job advert from Prospect Health that I liked the look of and in less than a day Chris was in touch to tell me all about it and see whether my personality and skill set matched that of the practice.
Less than 1 week later I had an interview and I am now working in the practice in my first job as a qualified vet.
I can’t recommend Chris enough. He made the whole process stress-free, being a friendly yet professional person to turn to when I had any questions or queries.
The job description was exactly as described and I think he’s done a perfect job of finding me a suitable role.
I absolutely love the new job and fit in great with the team already, something which might have been very different had it not have been for the way that Prospect Health work.
Thanks for making job hunting for my first job an enjoyable and exciting experience.
It’s been a pleasure working with you and I hope others are just as lucky to find roles well suited to them because of the work that you do!

Maria Charalampopoulou | Veterinary Surgeon

I first contacted Prospect Health when I received an e-mail from the company concerning a role that felt very close to what I was looking for in that period of my career. I have collaborated with other agencies before and I was more or less satisfied with them. But usually they were dealing exclusively with vet surgeon’s positions, so I must admit I was a little reticent at the beginning about whether they would be able to find me my dream job. I was positively impressed with how quick and organised they were from their first phone call!

By the end of the first day they had my likes, dislikes, level of experience, ideal job and desired search area on their computers. And the next day we had 8 roles that fitted my profile! I got interviews for 6, trial days for 3 and 2 offers in ten days! For me that was a truly amazing result.

My Consultant through this was Chris Hastings. Always there to help me with anything I needed, advice me before my interviews, gave me feedback from the employers and kept me away from roles that did not match my criteria. Plus he negotiated my salary for me and I ended up with a very good deal. All candidates know that this is one of the most uncomfortable things to do when you finally come down to it!

I really can’t think of anything I could suggest to helping them improve their service! Professionalism, ethics and empathy are the characteristics that make me recommend them to anyone.

Stephanie Hu | Veterinary Surgeon

I had the pleasure of dealing with Chris Hastings back in January. My first impression of Chris was friendly, professional and extremely likeable. I appreciated how thorough Prospect was in terms of getting to know me, my background and what exactly I was looking for in my next position which I thought was paramount in matching what the client and the potential candidate were both looking for.

I appreciated the regular updates Chris provided me and felt like I was a priority. Although a position did not come to fruition, I could not have had a better experience with Prospect all made the more pleasurable by Chris. I would highly recommend him and Prospects in the future.

Lucy Merritt | Veterinary Surgeon

I met Chris through the sponsorship of my Graduation Ball in 2017 at Liverpool university. I unfortunately found myself in the wrong position and was fortunate enough that Chris was able to find me a position that is far better suited to me and my needs as a new graduate vet. Chris was very attentive throughout the recruitment process and always kept me up to date with any developments from my new employer. From finding a new position, to handing in my resignation, Chris has been helpful and professional all the way through. I would definitely recommend prospect health to other new graduates!

Stacey Hall | Veterinary Surgeon

I wold like to say a huge thank you to Chris Towse at Prospect Health for helping me find my current job. He took a lot of stress out the process and was a great liaison between myself and prospective employers. Within 24 hours of giving him my details he had already found possible jobs and arranged interviews within a week. I found the practices were exactly as he had described and he had great information about what the people and support etc were like. I also found that Chris wasn’t at all pushy with trying to promote the practices he had found and he gave me great advice for other interviews I had been offered, not through Prospect Health, he seemed to genuinely want to find the best practice for me regardless of whether it was one he was working with. I would definitely recommend Prospect Health to people looking for a new job.

Louise Cation

Elisha has been such a great help with me from the first step. I sent my CV through Indeed and since that point she has been with me every step of the way, with regards to interview techniques, following up on how interviews went and questions I had, etc. Elisha is so easy to speak to, Thanks Elisha, It means a lot.

Grace Donovan | Veterinary Surgeon

After I graduated from University I knew I wanted my first grad vet role to be in England, a friend of mine recommended Chris as a recruiter from Prospect Health as he found her her ideal job in a short space of time. Chris was extremely helpful in my job search, and I found him to be an excellent listener with regards to the type of role I wanted. He gave me objective advice with regards to the job offers I received which I really appreciated as some of the jobs weren’t with Prospect Health. He was always available to answer any of my queries/wish me luck and touch base before interviews. He made the entire process seamless and I am delighted he found me my ideal first job. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a job in the veterinary industry.

Niquet Goldson | Veterinary Surgeon

I first came into contact with Chris Towse of Prospect health in January of 2018. After seeing my CV he immoderately contacted me. We chatted for a bit (had no idea I was being interviewed) to get a feel of what I was interested in and he put me straight away onto my veterinary company of choice. I was on a Skype interview with my potential employer within less than a week and was made an official offer by February.
From then until now (Sept 2018) I have had follow up calls and emails almost every 2 weeks from Chris ensuring all is going well with the process of hiring a Caribbean Veterinarian in London (which is a mighty long process!)
I would probably have lost faith with the delays and roadblocks if it weren’t for Chris and his very upbeat and positive outlook.
I shall be arriving in October to begin my new job and if it is any at all possible I’d love to shake the hand of (and present with some Caribbean rum) the man who has made this whole transition possible. I am most grateful to him and Prospect health for all they have done to facilitate this journey so far

Rosa Leedham | Veterinary Surgeon

The service I have received from Chris has been outstanding from the outset. He has been extremely helpful, professional and has genuinely cared about finding a suitable position. I am extremely grateful for his help throughout the job hunting process and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Chante Secondino | Veterinary Nurse

I had a really positive experience with Prospect Health. Elisha was extremely helpful and considerate and found me a great practice to work in. Their communication was brilliant and would highly recommend them to others

Matt Buchanan-Pascall | Veterinary Surgeon

Lauren – thank you very much for all that you have done on your end. You professionalism and genuine kindness have made this initial part of my transition very straight forward. Moreover, you took the time to listen to the type of clinic and work that i was after and feel very well matched to a clinic I’m really excited to become a part of. Your level of service was top notch, so well done and thank you!

Aileen Griffin | Veterinary Surgeon

Prospect Health made finding a job hassle free. Rebecca was efficient, thorough and really took on board my requirements. She was always prompt to contact me with offers and within days she had numerous suitable positions lined up. She managed to find me a job which was tailored to my needs. I am delighted with my new job and really satisfied with the overall service. I would highly recommend Prospect Health to anyone.

Lucia Oliveira | Veterinary Surgeon

Testimonial: Oliver Whyte, on behalf of Prospect Health, was really helpful and I received an amazing service. Always there to give a piece of advice, very professional and quick when his help was needed. I couldn’t be more grateful and I would definitely recommend Oliver and Prospect Health if you’re looking for the next step in your career.

Sarah Cook | Veterinary Nurse

Elisha was exactly what I was looking for, and needed, with regards to starting my career. When I graduated from University the world of work was daunting. Elisha was quick at finding a number of job opportunities that suited me. She was thorough and gently guided me through the job application process. I was able to secure my dream job within a matter of weeks. I would recommend Prospect Health to any new graduate.

Eve Tarleton | Veterinary Surgeon

It has been a pleasure dealing with Chris Hastings at Prospect Health. The company has strived to understand my career ambitions and needs as a working mother, and has placed me in a very suitable job.

Chris has always been available by phone, text and email throughout the process, and has been professional and cheerful at all times. Having the support of

Chris has made the transition between jobs so much easier, and I would highly recommend the service Prospect has to offer.

Lucija Ilicic, Small Animal Vet, London

After having worked with several agencies while looking for a job, I luckily found Prospect Health and Oliver Whyte. No other agent could compete with him! His extremely professional approach soon resulted in plenty job interviews that were exactly what I was looking for. Oliver made sure to look for jobs he knew I may be interested in and was very helpful with interview tips. I’m still happily employed at the same position he helped me get, and I will most certainly ask for his help if I ever decide to look for another job.
Highly recommended!


Elizabeth Archer, Lead Veterinary Surgeon, West Midlands

I had received occasional emails from Prospect Health informing me of local job opportunities over the last couple of years.
Last year (2019) one came through as I was looking to move jobs so I got in touch.
I was the senior small animal veterinary surgeon of a multi-practice group where I had worked for many years and was looking for a new senior position in my area.
Ollie, my contact at Prospect health, was really helpful. He took the time to find out exactly what I was looking for and found a few opportunities that might fit the bill. One of which I thought would be worth looking in to.
Within a very short time he had organised an interview which lead to a trial morning at the practice and an offer.
Ollie kept in touch throughout the process to discuss the meeting, my thoughts and any questions were quickly answered.
Since moving jobs I have a better work life balance which is absolutely great.
I would definitely recommend this agency as they actively seek out roles and potential candidates for vacancies so are very pro-active.
I would certainly use them again if I wanted a new position.

Katerina Elia – Veterinary Surgeon

I worked with Oli after seeing a Veterinary role advertised online.  After explaining to Oli what kind of job I was looking for and what my career goals were, he worked with me to show me all the available positions that fit my exact requirements. He made my job search so much easier and negated the need for me to spend hours looking online for jobs, some of the jobs he offered me weren’t even advertised!

The best thing about Oliver was that he didn’t pressure me to take any decision and say yes to every job offer. He understood what I was looking for and was willing to help me find it (even if it had to take a bit longer).  He also helped me through the interview process by giving me advice on what I should ask in an interview, giving me insights into the role and the team and by checking on me after the interview, not in a way to pressure me though but to understand more of what I was looking for.

I would recommend prospect health to other professionals, especially if they don’t have the time to look for a new job and I would definitely work with Oliver again if I needed to.

Locum Veterinary Nurse

As an experienced veterinary nurse, I have dealt with many recruitment agencies in the past for hiring for my own practice as well as going through for my own locum work. Recently I contacted a few locum agencies and Prospect Health responded immediately, followed my preferred method of contact, booked a role from my proposed hours/dates and set everything up so smoothly. I’ve been very impressed and Sophia who dealt with me from day one has been an absolute star. Don’t hesitate to use Prospect Health if you’re deciding on an agency both as a practice or as a locum.


I am a Veterinary Surgeon working in first opinion practice. Last year I decided to join Prospect Health and have, since then, been working as a locum vet. Chris has helped me through the whole process and was able to find me roles that perfectly matched the conditions I was hoping for. With his help I am now working with a great team and finally found the perfect work/ life balance that I thought not to be possible in the veterinary sector.

Kristina Tomco, Veterinary Surgeon

Thank you so much for helping and supporting me to find a job where I am happy! Chris at Prospect Health has been friendly, caring, and professional. He spent time getting to know me so he could understand my specific requirements and then searched for opportunities based on my criteria and listened to all my feedback. He was there at all times and was always very supportive and understanding. He even helped me to he helped me to negotiate the salary and package for the new role which is something I generally find uncomfortable. The service, care and level of accuracy of positions pointed out to me are incomparable to any other recruitment agency I have ever dealt with. I trusted Chris to find me a position where I could be happy and he did just that! I would definitely recommend Prospect Health and Chris to any other Veterinary Surgeons looking for new roles.