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Jonathan Hogg | GP

I would like to thank David Colley for all his hard work and support in helping me get my new job as a Salaried GP after
completing my GP training.
He was polite, friendly and very professional at all times. David provided lots of details about the practice and lots of
information on the process of organising viewings and further interviews. These viewings and interviews were organised
seamlessly by David. After the viewings and interviews David was at hand for feedback to help provide support and
information should any be needed, and help relay any questions back to the GP surgery.
I feel the whole process was very smooth and stress free, and felt comfortable knowing the whole process was
being overlooked by David. At no point did I feel pressured into doing anything I did not want to. I would thoroughly
recommend David to others looking for their desired post in general practice, especially newly qualified GP registrars.

Jo Rothery | Advanced Nurse Practitioner

When Prospect Health first contacted me I had only just started a new job so it was difficult to say if I was looking,

The first post I was interviewed for was not right for me and I asked if they could contact me again if he came across anything else that he thought might suit me.

They contacted me a few months later to ask if I was still interested in moving as he had contacted another practice looking for the right candidate.

I felt that they were very professional in the dealings with me and the new practice. They managed to answer most of my questions and often spoke to the new practice manager sometimes within the hour and always came back with appropriate answers to my questions or queries.

I am really happy in my new post and I would not have known about this post without Prospect Health.

Dr Ben Sturgess | GP

I wasn’t actively looking for a new position when Prospect Health approached me regarding an opportunity in my area, but kept an open-mind and based on what I heard I committed to a meeting with the surgery they were working for.

Following the first meeting it was clear that this was a better opportunity than my current role and met my career aspirations.

Prospect Health helped me to secure a new position as a principal in a GP partnership. They were extremely helpful and focused on achieving the best placement for me, and dealt with the negotiations in a very positive and balanced way and paved the way for a very constructive dialogue between my future partnership and myself.

I have been extremely impressed with the professionalism of Prospect Health and the way they tailored their service to suit me. I would highly recommend Prospect Health to both prospective employers and healthcare professionals looking to progress their careers and I am very happy I made the move.

Ambereen Zafroon | Clinical Pharmacist (Birmingham B44 0NN)

“I applied for the position of a clinical Pharmacist in a GP practice. I found Prospect Health very helpful during the recruitment process. Will kept me updated throughout the whole process and advised me on the best course of action.
With the help of Will I fortunately managed to secure the job, currently I am dealing with a variety of medication queries, processing medication changes and medication reviews”
Ambereen Zafroon – Clinical Pharmacist

Christine Blyth | GP

I was not actively looking for work when Faye rang me although I was finding the long commute for my current role increasingly tiring.

Faye discussed an opportunity of developing a Nursing role within a Medical Centre much closer to where I lived.

On visiting the practice for an informal visit I was very impressed with the attitude and friendliness of the staff.

I was then invited for a formal interview which was more like a discussion between the GP and myself to see how the role could be developed and also whether it would suit me which was important for me to come to be able to come to a decision about accepting the role if it was offered to me.

Faye was supportive and in contact every step of the way, co-ordinating the whole process. I feel like she has found me the ideal job and made the process of being offered the job as easy as it could possibly be.

Thank you very much Faye and I will certainly be recommending you to other people

Dr Mogga, Kent | GP

The challenge of trying to find the right job for me pushed me to make contact with Prospect Health. This was the best decision I made at the time. All I needed to do was send my CV and specify my preferences and priorities. The rest as they say is history. Prospect Health did a remarkable job on my behalf and got me the most suitable job

Dr Azreena Khan | GP

This is to convey a long overdue big thank you, I am ever so grateful for finding the right job for me. The Prospect Health website was very useful to helpful in helping me prepare for the interview. Your help and advice at every step is much appreciated.

Dr Kumari, | GP

I contacted Prospect Health to find out if they had any jobs that suited my preference. I was surprised to be contacted immediately on the same day by a representative. She was very helpful and continuously kept in touch and updated me on the progress of my application. She helped arrange for an interview with the practice and helped with negotiations as well. I was very impressed with the commitment showed by Prospect Health to its clients. I strongly recommend Prospect Health to anyone looking for a GP position as they help take away the pressure and stress of having to look for a new job

Victoria Arbenz | Practice Manager

I have been delighted with the service provided by Prospect Health, they were very professional throughout the recruitment process and kept me informed every step of the way, supporting and encouraging me through the application process. Definitely recommend Prospect Health.

Dr R Boreham | GP

I am incredibly impressed with Prospect Health, especially Faye Harvey who guided me through to find my perfect role within a superb Practice.

Prospect Health are the ‘e-Harmony’ for the NHS worker looking for their ideal position within the NHS. They match skills with need, work ethos & personality to ensure the employer and employee are pleasantly compatible. Excellent way of moving job, makes sense and effective!

Mrs Jacqueline Kelly | Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Faye Harvey, from Prospect Health, rang me completely out of the blue, and after many telephone conversations has changed my current employment status.

I am due to start a new job that I didn’t even know existed until that call, and it is all thanks to Faye.

She was transparent from the outset and was able to match my skills to suit a new position in a different practice by methodically unpicking my current role and the knowledge and skills I use in my every day practice, to show me that I can work in the areas I enjoy most if I wanted to take a leap of faith, and move!

So, I am now looking forward to starting a new job which seems taylor-made to suit me.

Sometimes we need a nudge to stop and look at what else we can do. Faye gave me that nudge, and I’m really glad she did!

The whole process was smooth and Faye supported me and guided me in all aspects of the application from beginning to end being extremely professional throughout.

If I ever move jobs again, I would definitely contact Prospect Health and ask for Faye!

Dr Corinna Brookes | GP

My experience with Prospect Health was excellent – they are always helpful , well informed and keen to explore any of my concerns or questions. The thought of moving from one long-held post into another was somewhat daunting but I was guided and encouraged through it all. I would have no hesitation in recommending Prospect.

Jenny Pyke | Advanced Nurse Practitioner

When I was first approached by Prospect Health it was a great surprise and I felt slightly unsure what to expect, but by the time I had finished my second conversation with Faye Harvey I began to feel really excited and very keen to proceed further.
During the following weeks I received tremendous support from Faye; she was always there to contact me at the appropriate times when decisions needed to be made and checking that I did not have any worries.

Leaving a job that I had been in for seventeen years I would have expected to be hard, but because she had found absolutely the right position for me, left be with no doubt.

I never felt alone as I had total trust in her and this made the whole transition extremely smooth. So much so that I actually said to Faye,’ I really would like your job’. How lovely it must be to change someone’s career pathway with such ease and make them feel so comfortable and confident about themselves.

I am now two weeks into my new job and I love it and it is all thanks to Faye.

Rachael Malbon – Newly Qualified GP

We found Rachael her first GP job after qualifying to become a GP in September 2020. She talks to Dave Thorburn, one of our principal GP recruitment consultants about her journey finding a role with Prospect Health

When did you qualify to become a GP?
September 2020

What support did you get looking for a job once you qualified from your trainer, training practice or deanery?

Minimal support really. We were given one session on writing CVs and career choices as part of our weekly VTS teaching. Otherwise, it was down to me to just start searching and applying for roles.

How did you come across Prospect Health when looking for a new role after qualification?


Stephen Foulks – Newly Qualified GP

We spent some time speaking to Stephen Foulks, who qualified as a GP in Jan 2016. He shares his experiences of looking for a GP job and his top tips for Registrar GPs looking for a job on completion of their training.

Why did you choose to be a GP? 

I really enjoyed having a generalist background and wanted to get a flavour for all the different avenues in medicine without having to specialise in any particular one. Some people don’t fit into the niche boxes of particular specialities. It’s was not all about the work life balance, it was whether the job was right for me and where my skill set lay.

What were your biggest challenges whilst training to be a GP? 

Personally, I did not want to get distracted by too much of the finer details of hospital work and I was always thinking about how is this going to be relevant for me when starting to do my GP training. Lots of different specialities interested me and I wanted to ensure I was knowledgeable about different areas so I could become a better generalist.

What was the most enlightening thing you learned whilst training to be a GP?


Marwa Al-Seaidy – Newly Qualified GP

Marwa Al-Seaidy spoke to us about her journey to become a GP and how she worked with our Jason Dunn in our GP team at Prospect Health to find herself a new gp job after qualification.

Why did you choose to be a GP?

I didn’t come to my decision straight away to become a GP. I did a placement in general practice and really enjoyed it. I like the continuity with the patients, I like the variety and you actually really feel like you’re part of a team, which is really nice.

Where in the UK were you based when undertaking your GP training?

I was on the Exeter Exmouth peninsular, on the coast, it was amazing. I’m now in Bradford as I’ve relocated to be with my husband.

What were your biggest challenges whilst training to be a GP?

I was thinking about this recently and actually just getting through ST3 is such a busy year. You’ve got exams that are really expensive and the pressure to pass is really high; it’s roughly £2,000 for the exams which you’re paying for yourself, so it’s an expensive year and you’ve got all your portfolio to keep on top of. If you fail you have to re-sit the exams and pay for everything again… it’s an expensive year to fail.

With work and studying, looking for a GP job really wasn’t a priority. I think I first got in touch with Prospect Health early in the year, maybe February time. Jason was so professional and  brilliant – it wasn’t just about getting me the interview; Jason’s follow up was great; making sure I was happy, following up afterwards to see if there was anything I wanted him to discuss on my behalf, I just felt really supported.

How did you find out about Prospect Health and the opportunity to work at Leyland Medical Practice?

Jason had given me the lowdown on a few different practices, maybe four in total. He thought Leyland was probably the most suitable and it did tick the most boxes for me. It had training opportunities which was important to me so he arranged an informal chat with the practice manager and they seemed really nice and gave me a good idea of what the team was like.

Was going through an agency useful when looking for a job after qualifying?


Dr Ezeagozie Okoli – Newly Qualified Tier 2 GP

Dr Ezeagozie Okol spoke to us about their journey to become a GP and how they worked with our Jason Dunn in our GP team at Prospect Health to find a new gp job that sponsors Tier 2 Visas after qualification.

How did you get in contact with Prospect Health when looking for a GP job that could sponsor a Tier 2 Visa?

I got in contact with Prospect Health following a referral from a colleague. I subsequently registered and applied for a job on their website and I was then contacted by a recruitment consultant.

Describe how the Consultant at Prospect health assisted you in your job search and connected you with a practice that could support your visa?

The consultant assisted me in finding a suitable practice  by circulating my CV and getting touch with the practices to see if they were keen on an informal chat.

Describe how the Consultant at Prospect Health provided guidance, support and information in regards to the Tier 2 Visa process?

The consultant helped by giving me access to sponsoring GP practices for the purpose a skilled worker visa. The process was easy and seamless.

Describe how the Consultant at Prospect Health helped you prepare and guided you through the interview process?

I was given the basic information required like the type of contract, annual and study leave allowance as well as the pay. As a result, I was able to focus on personal development and continuing professional development at interview.

What was the best thing about Prospect Health’s support and service?

Excellent communication.

Would you recommend Prospect Heath to other GP Registrars who require sponsorship of a Tier 2 Visas?

Yes, I would recommend prospect health to colleagues who need skilled worker visa sponsorship.

Would you use Prospect Health again if you decide to move roles again in the future?

Yes, I would be happy to use Prospect Health in the future if any move is required.

If you would like to talk to Jason or one of our GP team to help you find a GP job after qualification please call us on 01423 813 454 or email us at [email protected].

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Bilikis Tijani – Newly Qualified GP

I am deeply grateful for the hard work and support provided by David Colley. I would never have guessed that the whole process of seeking my first salaried GP job would have been so seamless. He was there through the multiple interviews and GP visits and provide useful advice and tips to get me through the stages.

I would highly recommend him to other newly qualified GP registrar about to embark on a permanent GP job role.